Download non-session hours ticks (IB error)

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Download non-session hours ticks (IB error)

Postby davidchow » 25 Dec 2009

I am using Multicharts 5.0 and 6.0beta. The same problem exists in these 2 versions.

Datafeed: IB

When downloading stocks symbol tick data, Multicharts is attempting to download tick data for non-session hours, causing unnecessary data requests to IB . Since IB have a limitation of 60 requests per 5 minute, then back filling a stock tick chart will take forever due to Multicharts sending excessive unusful requests to IB . If Multicharts can fix this problem then IB uses can at least make use of IB as a cheap historical datafeed.

Any solution or fix to this problem at the moment?

brodnicki steven
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Postby brodnicki steven » 25 Dec 2009

IB is annoying because of that drawback but I just had to replace my entire database and what I did was to collect tick data, only on necessary symbols, which for me, was the ESH0, the stocks, forex etc that I also collect data for, I selected minute bars and no tick data. That helped speed up collection of history with IB. (still slow though)
If you need a large history of tick data on many symbols, you may have to change datafeeds. IB doesn't provide "true" tick data anyway, just simulated.

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Postby geektrader » 25 Dec 2009

Solution is pretty easy:

1) Open QuoteManager
2) Click on Tools - Data Sources
3) Select Interactive Brokers and press "Settings" on the right side.
4) Check "Regular Trading Hours" and "Don´t request Data for empty periods".

Much fun backfilling and merry christmas:)

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