Anyone auto-trading Forex successfully?

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Anyone auto-trading Forex successfully?

Postby geektrader » 20 Jan 2010


I just wanted to know if there is anyone out there trading Forex automatic with Multicharts sucessfully?

I find it really difficult to create a successful auto-trading strategy in MC, struggling with it one year already. In backtesting things always look perfect, but in reality the slippage and simply sometimes completely different execution of signals compared to in the backtesting, make it near impossible to successfully trade Forex with MC (via Interactive Brokers).

Anyone is doing this with success?

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Postby smashthepound » 01 Feb 2010

What is the Avg Trade (win loss) in pips, what instruments and what time frame are you trading?

I haven't come across a good auto trading system for Forex in the past 10 years so I still stick to the discretionary decision making process ;-(

And this means sometime pain ...

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