IOG Clarrification

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IOG Clarrification

Postby prathapjay » 02 Mar 2010

Hello Traders,

I m new to use IOG, pls help me out with this issue.

I just tested the following strategy.

Buy next bar at Low-minimum tick limit;
Sellshort next bar at High+minimum tick limit;

1) Why is everything showing differently when IOG enabled? In real time buy order tries to place below low-mintick and no trades are taken. But If I refresh the chart suddenly there are some trades showing which i could not understand.

2) Is it possible to replicate the backtested results with IOG enabled into realtime? My another strategy shows very good results for Emini S&P500 when backetested with IOG enabled, but not in real time.


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Postby TJ » 03 Mar 2010

If the backtest is a 100% simulation of the real life environment,
then a backtest can be a representation of live trade.

but...NO backtests are 100% simulation of real life.
(at least not with MultiCharts, TS and 99% of the software out there)
We can only use backtests with the understanding of its limitations.

Before you embark on your backtest odyssey,
try to get acquainted the components you are using:
data, backtest method, your code, timing, spread, bid/ask size, market order vs limit order vs stop order, etc.,

Anyone of the components can affect your backtest results.

There is no "one post" explanation that can answer all your backtest questions. You just have to read the manual, and learn how the components interact with one another,
and somehow find ways to work around the limitations that can affect the code you are trying to use.

As in any process, beware of GIGO.

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Bruce DeVault
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Postby Bruce DeVault » 04 Mar 2010

IOG for historical bars evaluates 4 data points for each bar, whereas without IOG enabled, it evaluates only once for each bar, so definitely the historical results will be different.

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