Tick Size / Point value per tick

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Tick Size / Point value per tick

Postby ctrlbrk » 10 Mar 2010

MC 6.0 beta 2

I am missing something somewhere. Am new to MC.

It seems MC is interpreting a $1.00 move on CL (crude oil) as worth $1.00, instead of worth $1,000.00 USD. It is scaling it like a equity/share instead of futures where the TickSize is 0.01 on this instrument, and the point value is $1,000.00 (100 ticks in a point). Each Tick is worth $10.00.

I checked the most obvious place, QuoteManager, but it is set per NYMEX Energy Futures which is correct.

I am using IQfeed and used the Symbol Dictionary to add CL to QuoteManager. But yet when I tell it to "Use Symbol Dictionary" for Settings Source, it tells me it cannot be found in the symbol dictionary. Right now "Settings Source" is set to NYMEX which is correct for CL.


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Postby phil » 10 Mar 2010

It's the setting in the quotemanager for the symbol. Instead of using Symbol dictonary setting, use instead custom setting and fill the right information in the setting detail. 1/100, 1000, 1, 1000 in right order and it should work correctly to calculate tick size.


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