Renko Chart backtesting

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Renko Chart backtesting

Postby alexcaicn » 14 Apr 2010

let us assume 2 consecutive up renko bars,

bar1 open 100, close 150
bar2 open 150, close 200

for bar2, the lowest possible price could be lower as just 51.

then if we have a stop sellshort order at 80 in the bar2, in the backtesting, it could not be triggered.

then the backtesting for renko bar could not be trusted!

any comment?

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Postby SUPER » 14 Apr 2010

I think for very reasons you have described one has to look at orders triggered at close of bar.

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Postby MC_Prog » 14 Apr 2010

It's common on most platforms for there to be issues with trying to auto-trade non-traditional bar types.

Anyone who want to trade Renko, and is willing to consider a COTS solution is welcome to PM me for more info.

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Postby momentum » 18 Jun 2010

Tried RENKO charts for the first time in MC. I have about 1 year of tick data saved on ES #F but cannot load more than 2 days of the data. Is this a beta issue or a known bug for RENKO?

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Dave Masalov
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Postby Dave Masalov » 28 Jun 2010

Dear momentum,

Could you please tell me, how many bars are plotted when you plot a tick chart for this symbol? How many bars are there?

If it is 1 000 000, then you have reached the limitation set in the registry. You can change it in Start --> regedit --> HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TS Support\MultiCharts\Shaper

However, we do not recommend you to set MaxBarCount value more than 5 000 000 for MC 5.5 and 15 000 000 for MC 6.0.

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