User Functions, Indicators and Studies Will Not Compile

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User Functions, Indicators and Studies Will Not Compile

Postby eegroup » 01 May 2010

I installed Beta 3 on two of my systems. Both are running XP Pro x32. One of the systems works perfectly and I can recompile all user built functions, indicators and studies. On the first system, all of them recompile perfectly, and I can use every one of them.

The EXACT same functions, indicators and studies on the second sytem will not compile at all. All of them returm an error that is totally non-descriptive, except that the error occurs on line 0, character position 0 in all cases, whcih is obvioulsy not used in any of the functions, indicators or studies.

Is there some Windows or other system software that the PowerLanguage Editor needs or looks for in order to compile the functions, indicators and sudies, that might be on one of my systems, but not resident (missing) on the other? If so, what might that software be? What do I need to do to correct this inability to compile on the second system?

Many thanks!

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Postby geektrader » 01 May 2010

Do this:

1) Uninstall MC.

2) Search for all entries of "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" in your registry (regedit.exe) and set them all to "0"

4) Reboot (important!)

5) Reinstall MC, now studies should compile fine.

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Postby janus » 02 May 2010

If that fixes the problem then I'm very disappointed. Although most PC users have that setting to 0 for backward compatibility, that setting is required only for 16-bit applications. Are you saying that MC is not all 32-bit compliant?

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Postby geizer » 02 May 2010


How did you come up with such solution?

Was it advised by MultiChart customer support?

I don't have such problem, but would like to know if there is any more detailed information on the subject.


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