Continuous Contracts Problem ? (IB data, 30 min bars)

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Continuous Contracts Problem ? (IB data, 30 min bars)

Postby sptrader » 14 Jun 2010

I just noticed that if I use continuous contracts and 50 days back(30 min chart), I get the ES June contract prices, However if I use 100 days back, I get the correct ES Sept contract prices- see attached.
Bug ??????
Continuous Contracts Problem.jpg
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Dave Masalov
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Postby Dave Masalov » 23 Jun 2010

Dear sptrader,

We could not analyze the situation, because there is no Custom Futures formula on the screenshot (it is in the Descripion),

However, such situation is possible, if you made one or both of following actions at the time between creating 50 daysback and 100 daysback charts:

- changing the formula in the Custom Futures settings, i.e. 12VOC to 11VOC,

- adding symbols which participate in the CF chart plotting, i.e future U0 was added before plotting the second chart.

Did you do anything like that?
Are you able to reproduce the problem, if you do not change CF settings at the time between plotting two charts as well as do not add/delete symbols from database?
Please try to do Reload for this window - does the problem disappear?

If you are able to reproduce the problem, please come to our Live Chat so we can connect to your PC remotely and analyze it.

You can also give us the CF formula (SymbolCode from Edit Custom Futures dialogue) and tell what ES futures do you have in your QuoteManager database.

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