Automation shortcut keys

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Automation shortcut keys

Postby brendanh » 04 Aug 2010

I am very dissapointed shortcut keys for the automation dialogues haven't been added in any of the betas nor this production release. To change a few GUI controls would have taken 10 minutes. What annoys me the most is that certain dialogues have been updated in this release without making these simple changes. Eg the wording of the "Unfilled orders exist, Do you want to cancel orders?" dialogue was changed. Why couldn't you underline a letter in the buttons of this window while you were changing this? It would make such a big difference to the reliability of MC automation. TS has shortcut keys for everything as per normal Windows standards.

Also, shortcut keys for buttons and menus help accessibility for the less abled. If such a simple yet important change was intentionally delayed until version 7 in an attempt to gain a new lifetime licence fee, then I've completely lost trust in MC's motives to respond to its customers' needs and will return to TS 9 when it is released. The Grail is already a big enough incentive.

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