Please help me for ELCollections!!!!!

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Please help me for ELCollections!!!!!

Postby scalp2000 » 09 Sep 2010

Does anyone know how to write this simple excercise???

I want to put the close and the moving average in a list (or map) and at the end of the series I want to write it on a file. I won't use Fileappend, only Mapxx.writefile or Listx.writefile witn the ade collection.

Please Help me!!!!

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Re: Please help me for ELCollections!!!!!

Postby bowlesj3 » 10 Sep 2010

Try this thread which has the ELcollection (EL collections). GV 2.2 and ADE.


I appended a modification of the original documentation which shows and example of reading with map and list if I remember correctly. You just reverse it to write. All the documentation is there for reversing it. I think there is an actual example in a zip file too.

I think there is also an example of List of lists which I have done once (only to read).

I am creating a new EL collections list-of-lists example to read in CSV information (with 3 numbers and 2 strings per row). Note that it writes with a FileAppend (one record at a time from the chart) then reads it back in using the List-Of-Lists. It should be out in this forum by Monday night Sep/13.

I have never used ADE (only GVs and EL collections). I suspect I will never use ADE. I see no need for it so far.

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Re: Please help me for ELCollections!!!!!

Postby evanscje » 02 Nov 2010

Has anyone tried passing data from TS to MC using ADE

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