How to display a value over a bar?

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How to display a value over a bar?

Postby arjfca » 25 Nov 2010


I have done a little indicator that show all Spike High & Spike Low. A spike High as a lower high on each side. Each time a spike is detected, i increase is variable by 1

Now, I would like to display that variable over the Spike position .

What is the syntax to display text over a define position. I know how to plot a cross, a point or a line, but did not succeeded yet to include a text

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If SL then plot2[1] (Low[1] - .0001 , "SL");

Line to display Spike Low Position.


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Dave Masalov
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Re: How to display a value over a bar?

Postby Dave Masalov » 26 Nov 2010

If the value that you need is saved in spike_variable, script could be as follows:

If SL then begin
plot2[1] (Low[1] - .0001 , "SL");
text_new(date, time, Low[1] - .0001, text(spike_variable));

You can find the description of all text functions in the Help.

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