Stops interogation

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Stops interogation

Postby arjfca » 29 Nov 2010


I'm new with MC and also new with IB as my broker and, my English is not perfect.

With my ex broker (Saxo) i use to enter the market using a "Stop if bid orders". IB does not have this type of orders, but I could setup my preference to use "Bid" price for stop in TWS.

- When stops orders are sent via MC, do i need to specify to use "Bid" as my reference price or MC is
already using the same preference type price that I specify in TWS.

- Stop Limit order . When and why should I preffer this type of entry.

Any informations appreciated


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Dave Masalov
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Re: Stops interogation

Postby Dave Masalov » 08 Dec 2010

Dear MT,

In MC orders are sent from the script. The price is specified in the script and is not affected by TWS settings. As for Stop Limit orders, they will be implemented in MC 7.

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