Order and position tracker - location of log-file

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Order and position tracker - location of log-file

Postby indsvote » 05 Dec 2010

Location - availability of the log (file) from the log-tab i Order and Position tracker

With the software Text Log Monitor/Cornerbowl Log Manager I have found I can solve alert, reporting and monitoring issues in Multicharts that is not supported in the software. Among other things - I can have strategies print to text files, and use information in these files to trigger email and sms alerts.

I now monitor the Quote Manager log for Connection failure to Interactive Brokers. I also want to monitor what is happening in the Log-tab of the Order and Position tracker, but I have no information where the text file for this log is located. So;

1) Please provide me with the location
2) If no text file is produced for this log, I strongly suggests this would be made available in the next version of the software.

Best regards,

Arne Daae Hopland

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Dave Masalov
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Re: Order and position tracker - location of log-file

Postby Dave Masalov » 06 Dec 2010

Dear Arne,

Log files for Order and Position tracker are stored in binary format. Your request to make them available in text format has been forwarded to the developers.

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