Very upset

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Very upset

Postby gregk » 11 Dec 2010

This is seriously messed up.

I just spent x # of days uploading 5 minute intraday data from IB for a few dozen contracts over the last year to continue an extensive intraday multi-market study. During some routine price confirmation checks, I discovered that any contract during the summer daylight savings period is ONE HOUR OFF of the actual exchange time!

I can see how this could be missed because for historical data during winter non DST, the times are all correct.

If the data is viewed by exchange time, all prices and times are accurate, but as soon as you switch to local time, then all prices during DST periods are off by 1 hour.

The first time I thought I noticed this one hour time discrepancy, I got with tech support and they remote connected, checked clocks, settings, etc then deleted data, deleted symbols, restarted system, and re-imported, and it 'seemed' to fix the problem. However, we didn't realize that the issue was restricted only to DST time periods and we had inadvertently checked a price during a non DST period - and incorrectly thought we had the problem solved.

If you are conducting a study using historical data (daily or intraday) and are using MC's local time conversion (required when using contracts from different exchanges in different time zones), and think you are buying at the 7:00 am local time open - you could very well be using a price from one hour later!!!!

The only way I can see solving the issue at this point is to re-import all of my data using EXCHANGE time, then exporting it out of MC, then importing all of it into multiple spreadsheets and then converting the times from the various exchanges time zones (GLOBEX cst, NYMEX est) to local time (mst), then re-importing the data back into MC.

What a pain.

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Re: Very upset

Postby Dave Masalov » 16 Dec 2010

Dear gregk,

Please come to our Live Chat between 6:30AM and 12AM EST so we can connect to your computer remotely for further investigation.

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