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Mac OS

Postby Algyros » 12 Jan 2011

Are there any plans to make MC Mac compatible? I'm not sure what that entails, but it would be tremendous service to those of us who love our Apples.
BTW, I'm aware of the virtual pc option (Parallels, etc.). I'm just curious if it would be possible to obviate that.

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Dave Masalov
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Re: Mac OS

Postby Dave Masalov » 13 Jan 2011

Dear Algyros,

We do not plan to support Mac computers. As you have said you can emulate Windows on Mac.

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Re: Mac OS

Postby tortoise » 29 Oct 2011

Mac OS usage keeps growing. Nearly 1 out of every 4 PCs sold in the US are Macs, and Mac is now the world's #1 selling PC brand. If MultiCharts were to offer a Mac-native version, it would find immediate and, I suspect, huge success among Mac users -- especially given the fact that it would have so little competition.

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Re: Mac OS

Postby johnmok » 29 Oct 2011

MC is the kind of software that need much cpu calculation, therefore, mac version of MC is much better than emulate one on virtual pc.

office software and web browser are the type that suit the virtual pc option

but when we talk about real time auto trading, it's not appropriate to run MC on virtual PC IMO.

anyway, it would be super great to have MC on Mac!

i have to use boot camp to run MC at the moment, miss my "real mac" so much! :-)

Fabrice Daniel
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Re: Mac OS

Postby Fabrice Daniel » 12 Jan 2012

Parallels Desktop and VMWare are not emulation but Virtualization, it uses Hardware virtualization capability of the modern processors; An emulator is something like WineHQ which implement sandboxes re-implementing the Windows APIs (win32 for instance). On WineHQ not everything can works while on Parallels, all the Windows programs will run, even your own C++ developments not using the Win32 APIs;

The performances difference is really ridiculous (I did many testing comparing the same C++ Parallel Computing program using OpenMP under Mac and Windows with Parallels, VMWare and Boot Camp), the difference is ridiculous, it only appears for intensive computing, so will be visible on long Backtesting but for Realtime or Backtesting not lasting hours, the difference is not so significant.

Now I agree a difference appears on the perception of the Cross Cursor on charts, a small latency is visible when you move it. It was annoying for me (I like Hi Speed, that's why I love Unix World like MacOS). While the CPU and RAM are directly accessed by windows due to Hardware Virtualization the GUI goes through the Host OS layers. This problem is dramatically reduced when you use the Full Screen mode and now a very good news : it nearlly disapears with Parallels 7. I use Multicharts, eSignal, GFT, MT4/5 all running at the same time without any visual latency effect and without any slowdown.

In my deep testing, the only real difference I noticed between Virtualization and "Single OS" run, is the IO, the Read/Writes on files. There is many improvements in the last versions of VMWare and Parallels but a difference exist. So I recommend to allocate a minimum of 2GB for a Win7 32bits Windows running on Parallels. And I don't recommend running Win7 64 at all, except allowing 4GB. The purpose is to avoid the Virtual Memory, so the Swap access that can slow it down and make a difference between the Single OS and Virtualization.
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