email updates of version changes

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email updates of version changes

Postby bowlesj3 » 09 Mar 2011


I have a suggestion that is not an MC suggestion directly. If would be nice if (anyone who posts to this forum or anyone who indicates it in their profile on this forum) could get email updates about new versions (including beta versions) that have come out. I get the popup which now says 6.1.3605.400 only and I never look at it actually (it needs to be really big and such that I can turn if off until the next version). However email updates which are from TS-Support (and not sales people) I will notice and read. I have had email problems with TSS email before so there should be a way to verify that the email is actually arriving so a "test email arrival now" button on the profile would be a good idea.

Here is the thing. I can not be a beta tester because I can not run the latest version because I need the old MC version GetActive commands to operate. Therefore there is no value in following the forum to me unless I have a problem (and I never do now). So if I was getting email notice and version 7.? came out I would read the features and verify that the MC version getactive commands were there and then I would sign up to be a beta tester. Also at that time I would learn to make entries in your features setup you have now and dump all my old suggestions in there (maybe 25 to 50 still apply). Of note, what has happened to me (not being able to use the latest release you are developing) could happen to anyone at any time due to any unanticipated bug and especially if TSS removes features that they for whatever reason think people are not using but they are. So I think these ideas have potential value to everyone who is interested in beta versions (helping TSS in return for quick access to new features and potential reduced costs).

So to summarize, if there were two checkboxs in the profile (1/ send me email notice of official releases 2/ show me email notices of beta/alpha releases) that would be great. Test email would be handy too.


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Re: email updates of version changes

Postby Spaceant » 10 Mar 2011


It sounds good! It is a good suggestion!


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Re: email updates of version changes

Postby janus » 10 Mar 2011

Also, the current system may have an issue as I didn't receive any notification when I start MC up to let me know that there was an update from 6.0 to 6.1. I only found out by accident after reading the forum. So, your suggestion is a very good one.

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Re: email updates of version changes

Postby RobotMan » 11 Mar 2011

I second John's opinion also. The main reason I check in here is to see if there is another Beta version to beat up on. The only way I also learned about 6.1 was coming here. The current version seems to be a solid performer except for the few little idiosyncrasies I have just gotten used to. And Dave and TJ are so fast at answering questions, nobody else has a chance to answer.
Hell, I've even learned basic Ninjascript in my spare time - something I told myself I did not want to do (I hate programming). Can't wait for MC 7!

~Bob Perry

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