Help ZenFire eSig History_Chart trader Errors Notified

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Help ZenFire eSig History_Chart trader Errors Notified

Postby Bondi9999 » 21 Mar 2011

Hi fellow forum users.

Apologies for this question if answered else where in the forum. Is there a clear and concise manual illustrating how to connect to a broker, backfill history from anotehr provider (e-signal in my case) and turn on the Strategy/s?

Today I created a chart, merging ZenFire contract with E-signal history. I enabled the connection of the symbol. When I "hit" the "SA" switch on the chart to enable my strategies A number of messages came up o the chart one indicating that E-signal can not be traded and another saying Zen Fire had been enabled. "SA" button went green. However, when signals fired a got a range of error messages.

The one filed in the process so far that has me stumped is the drop down menu on the "SA" button / Settings: ZenFire / Symbol dictionary. The only symbol that appears there is the e-signal continuous contract. Should I change this manually to the ZenFire instrument and contract i wish to trade. The ADD button does not seem to do anything .

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Re: Help ZenFire eSig History_Chart trader Errors Notified

Postby Stan Bokov » 12 Apr 2011

Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread - you may have already found an answer by now. It seems that you were using an alpha version of MC7, since the beta came out only on April 4th. It is possible you were experiencing some problem in alpha that was fixed, and it's also possible that you did not merge the two data feeds. In general, in the Format Instrument window when you create a new chart, you should click the Merge tick box in the top-left, then you should choose one symbol for history and another for real-time.

Please come to Live Chat or post again if you are still experiencing issues with this.

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