X Point(original) as Data2

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X Point(original) as Data2

Postby AndrewThomas » 23 Jun 2011

How would I create a Point (original) chart as Data2? I know that if I type 5 point(original) into the Command Line I can create the Original Point Bar Type for Data1, but I couldn't figure out how to make it Data2. I'm just curious as to why this bar type is not available in the drop down menu along with the other bar types? Is there something wrong with this bar type that I should know about? I'm just curious because I was thinking of trying them out with a multiple data system, and the Original Point bars are basically hidden away from most users. I couldn't help but wonder why.

Also, are there any other codes like 5 point(original) that users can type into the Command Line to access any other bar types? You know, like a hidden level of a video game? ha, ha! Is there a hidden reservoir of secret bar types only known to a chosen few? LOL! For instance, a secret code that could be typed into the Command Line that produces a Renko bar with a wick, perhaps?

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Stan Bokov
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Re: X Point(original) as Data2

Postby Stan Bokov » 24 Jun 2011

X point(original) was removed from the menu but it's still available from the command line. Command line can only affect data1, so currently there is no way to make your data 2 into point(original) format. It is a bit like an Easter Egg :)

You should add a feature request if you want to see it back in the list of all supported resolutions.

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