Order recalculation

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Order recalculation

Postby Joogen » 27 Jun 2011

Hi there,

I would like to generate an OCO order if certain conditions are met and intend to leave this order unchanged until one side is filled. How can I prevent MC from recalculating this order new on every bar? It is somewhat unfavourable if 1 minute bars are used and the order prices don't change during the whole lifetime so the order is substituted with exactly the same (especially if cancellation fees are applied by the broker)...
Thank you.

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Re: Order recalculation

Postby Stan Bokov » 27 Jun 2011

Dear Joogen,

MultiCharts will either calculate on every tick or at the close of the bar, depending on your settings. However, that doesn't affect your placed orders. If the orders are the same, they are not touched when the script recalculates. If your order amount changes, the order is modified as opposed to being cancelled and replaced. If the order direction or order type change only then the order is cancelled and replaced.

This is for MC7 betas, the key difference is the ability to modify an order. Everything else is the same in MC6 and MC7. So, in MC6 if the amount of contracts changes, the order is cancelled and then replaced.
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