QM: How to group symbols?

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QM: How to group symbols?

Postby Henrik » 24 Aug 2011


Is there a way to group symbols of an exchange?

I trade german and US-stocks on IB (SMART). There are over 1000 stocks.
Now I want to seperate US and german stocks for easier handling (load into scanner only all german stocks for example).
Problem I can't find a way to seperate the stocks. With MBT I can create a own exchange called "MBT" for example, it works finde. MBT does not need the right exchange-name.
but IB need the right exchange name: SMART: But if the exchange of US- and german stocks SMART, I can not sort or seperate the stocks.
Is there a way or trick to handle it?

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Dave Masalov
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Re: QM: How to group symbols?

Postby Dave Masalov » 25 Aug 2011


You can try to change symbol description (in Quote Manager double click on the symbol --> description field) in accordance with the country (place US or GER in the first place in description). Then in Format Instruments window while selecting the symbols sort the list by description. However we cannot guarantee that it won't impact trading as description field is used for charting and trading with IB.
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