day session indicators

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day session indicators

Postby snoop » 17 Sep 2011

Despite MC catering to the discretionary trader with its latest release, it appears to be woeful with some of the necessary basics. Maybe I'm mistaken, so the reason for my post here. Also, my comments specifically apply to ES.

RTH classic day pivots, current day OHLC Mid, yesterday OHLC Mid are just some of the simple indicators that should be mandatory for a discretionary trader. These same indicators could also be applied to current and previous RTH week, month data. With ES trading, RTH, and ON session data is needed. I and others have posed this request to support but their response falls into either - program it yourself or pay someone to. Maybe it's a simple task for a programmer but the majority of the discretionary trader market are not programmers, and it seems rediculous that everyone would pay to create something that should be part of a standard package. In short, the biggest deficiency I see is the inabilty to apply sessions to indicators.

If there is an intention to attract discretionary traders, these type of tools should be developed, perfected and marketed as a main selling point of MC7.


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Re: day session indicators

Postby Dave Masalov » 20 Sep 2011

Dear Jimmy,

Firstly, there is a number of pivot studies included in MultiCharts: Pivot High, Pivot Low, Pivot Rev Gen - Dn, Pivot Rev Gen - Up. If you need other pivots, please tell us what are the names of these studies as well as formulas so we can see what can be implemented. Also, you can find dozens of Easy Language pivot studies on the Internet and then import them into the full version of MultiCharts.

In short, the biggest deficiency I see is the inabilty to apply sessions to indicators.

Could you please be more precise? The indicator is calculated only on instrument data, so you can manage indicators sessions by managing the sessions of the instrument to which the indicator is applied. It can be done in Format Instrument --> Settings --> Sessions or Quote Manager --> right click on the symbol --> Edit Symbol --> Sessions.

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