Volume scale issue  [SOLVED]

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Volume scale issue

Postby JC » 17 Sep 2011

I am using MCDT with IB as my broker and data provider.

I am Canadian and trade mostly Toronto Stock Exchange and Toronto Venture Exchange. I am seeing a problem with Volume on the data that comes from the TSXV, it seems to be 100x too high. The data from the TSX looks correct from what I have seen so far. Is there a volume scale that I am not seeing somewhere? It looks like the volume should be divided by 100 for the TSXV exchange. For example the Venture stock PPI had a Volume of 452,805 on Sept 16th and MC DT shows 45,280,500

I also see the correct volume if i view the data in the IB TWS application.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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Re: Volume scale issue

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 19 Sep 2011

Hello JC.
We have reproduced the issue in our environment and confirm this bug.
The fix will be implemented in MultiCharts 7.01.
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Re: Volume scale issue  [SOLVED]

Postby Totally » 19 Sep 2011

Thank you for the quick response and verification.

Looking forward to the fix, but I can mentally drop the zeros at the end for now.

Looking closer at the bug tracking system this appears to be related to MC-426, I will keep an eye on that issue to track this. Thanks again for the quick update.

- Totally
(had to change my name, JC was too short)
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