Chart Trader icons moving

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Chart Trader icons moving

Postby NW27 » 08 Nov 2011

I've noticed that the Chart Trader icons on the right are moving ie the order placement icon "STP" used to be in the top left of the "Place Order" area, then moved to the second from the left, now it is the third from the left. So it goes from left to right, "B/F Sell", "B/F Buy", "STP" and then "LMT"
This is rather annoying because the "STP" is the primary button I use for placing orders.

I also note that the "Exit Strategy" buttons move around. I used to have a custom Master Strategy button in the top left. Now it is the bottom right. So I have to click the down button to show more so that the button is visible for applying to a trade.

How do I re-position this ICONS into at least the original order, if not a custom order?


P.S. The button placement also seems to be connected to the TAB workspace.
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Re: Chart Trader icons moving

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 09 Nov 2011

Hello Sir.
The last used icon from the second row becomes the first from the left in the first row.
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