32bit dll's in 64 bits MC in the PE for Jurik, Neural Net et

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32bit dll's in 64 bits MC in the PE for Jurik, Neural Net et

Postby Emmanuel » 13 Dec 2011

sptrader wrote:My only concern is the 32bit dll's that I call from the PE for Jurik, Neural Net, etc.
I wish there were some sort of "compatibility mode" for calling 32bit dll's..


This is Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really christmas , I can not believe it !!!!

TSSUPPORT Team, you are fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the same concern, I am using 32 bit Dll as well.
I hope we will have some solution for it.

I am a developper, I had the same challenge few years ago (arround 1991), when we was all using 16 bits Dll/software and we all had to use 32 bits software/system.

We had to find solution to using 16 bit DLL, with 32 bits softwares. And we have to find a solution as well now because most of the DLL are 32 bits, And we all have need for it. It will make the transition smoother, and more people will able to upgrade faster to the 64 bits version.

We had a process call "Thunking process", I developped, 32 bit dll, which was the bridge between, 32 bit applications and 16 bits Dll.

It was not too difficult. I think it is possible to develop 64 dll which translate, (32 bit long into 64 bit long for example etc...)

I think it is possible for Powerlanguage to read 32 bit dll as well. the only difference is when it read the variable,
for example :32 bit dll long for example, it have to make the difference between the long variable dll 32 bits and the long variable dll 64 bits. because the size of the integer is larger.

The only difference is when we send the variable. The only difference it the size of the variable that's all. The process is the same behind it the function.

I think this option is necessary when we see the number of DLL 32 bits we are using.

Most of the indicator, signal provider arround powerlanguage are 32 bits. and every user of Multicharts need 64 bits because it is the main software and we need to be able all the memory available in the computer.

TSSUPPORT team can not developp two version very long, it will double all the developpement job to keep 32 bits versions.

It is better to implement from the beginning, the possiblity to read from the powerlanguage 32 and 64 bit dll. It is will be more efficient for the developpement of Multicharts, all the customer will be able to upgrade faster to the 64 bit Multicharts.
And every body have 32 bits dll indicators that we use and test sooner or later, if they are not already using some DLL 32 bits.

I think we have real need for it as customer user, Multicharts TSSUPPORT need to anticipate this need, if they don't want to double they job maintaining a 32 bits version.

Conclusion, every body need to be able to read 32 bits and 64 bits dll , to have faster migration to Multicharts 64 bits, and to have a faster developpement of Multicharts.


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Re: 32bit dll's in 64 bits MC in the PE for Jurik, Neural Ne

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 15 Dec 2011

Please refer to this thread for more details viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9674#p46140

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