Interesting trading video from Ivan Krastins

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Interesting trading video from Ivan Krastins

Postby arjfca » 09 Feb 2012


I just had the opportunity to see nice trading videos from Ivan Krastins


Ivan was my mentor 5 years ago. At that time, he was not very well so I did not get all the support that I was supposed to had. With that said, I won't say that what he is teaching is not relevant to my eyes.

Now he is semi-retired from trading and living like Giligan in a tiny South Pacific Island of Vanuatu. Like an old teacher he do like to teach what he knows the best, Reading the Market. He did wrote a book "listen to the Market" that was used in few universities in Asia. The book is not anymore available. Rules described in the early 80' are still "tradable" today.

I'm not in any way promoting him nor endorse anything of what he say. Just very interesting to listen to is view. I still learn and I think MC community could learn some of his setup by looking at these free videos. He as a complete and different approach. Need to be open mind and accept a different point of view of the mass.

If by suggesting this link I do broke a forum rule, please erase this post and let me know. I don't get anything from it nor that he asked me for that.

Happy viewing and trading day to all


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