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Open Feature request MC-111

Disconnection from AutoTrading when using MarketScanner

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When the RealTime Scanner is used and A/T is set on on a particular instrument of the scanner, then A/T (on this first instrument) is automatically disconnected if another attempt to switch A/T on is made onto another instrument of the scanner.

Steps to reproduce this issue

I run an MC scanner that includes multiple instruments.
I attached to this scanner a study that analyses price action on multiple pairs and indicates trading opportunities
A particular strat is attached to each of the scanner instruments.
Any time a trading opportunity pops up, I simply click on the relevant instrument and switch the strat ON (autotrading) on it
Then, I keep monitoring my scanner.
Another instrument shows a trading opportunity : I then click on this second instrument in the scanner (so to show it up and switch the autotrading ON on it), but it immediatly switches the first instrument autotrading OFF, with a warning saying :
"Disconnecting from FXCM - The automated Order execution has been turned off due to a setting change" !
Conclusion : it looks like the MC scanner CANNOT currently be used as a trading "trigger" platform, allowing the user to switch autotrading ON and open multiple positions on various instruments

Comments (4)
user-offline.png  ym (ym)
Jan 12, 2011 - 03:36

What I mean by 'Strat' is obviously a 'Signal', in the MC terminology !!!

user-offline.png  Black Wood (Id2)
Jan 12, 2011 - 03:55

It would be so simple to add a 4th box to tick in the window 'Strategy Properties' / 'Auto Trading', first section 'Automate Order Execution Settings', with a label like 'Disconnect on Real-Time Scanner Action'... 
That should take only few minutes for the engineers, isn't it ?? ;-)

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Mar 10, 2012 - 04:07

Probably you have linked chart window to your market scanner window and switch the instrumnets in it by clicking them in market scanner window. In fact when you select nex symbol in screener, a new chart is plotted, that cuases your old one to be closed and turned off auto trading there before it. If i am mistaken. please, contact us in Live Chat.

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Mar 10, 2012 - 04:08

We are plannin ti implement trading opportunity right from market scanner window in future versions of MC.

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