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Open Feature request MC-1143

Arrow pointer reverts to cross hair pointer.

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I have noticed only in MC 8.0 that the arrow pointer keeps reverting to the cross pointer. I have not been able to figure out how or when but I felt I should mention it. I am not sure if this is related but sometimes I end up with a horizontal line on my screen even though I do not have it on the custom tool bar (never use this drawing object). How this occurs I also do not know. This horizontal line occurs left often (maybe 3 times since I have upgraded to MC 8.0 about 2 or 3 weeks ago. However the pointer change seems to occur about once a day.

Steps to reproduce this issue

I just found it. If I single click on the mouse wheel this changes the cross hair pointer.
. . . .
One might be tempted to call this a feature. However, in my mind this is clearly a bug. I think it is almost zero in odds that a trader would be constantly flipping the mouse pointer type such that they would need to control it on the mouse. Also how are they going to know why it keeps swiching on them until they get lucky and notice what is causing the unwanted behavior. While they are trying to figure it out it creates unneeded distraction which traders do not need during the busy trading day. Again, this is the type of thing that if it is a new feature should be an option to switch on and it should default to not occuring. It all comes down to knowing the client. There is an old saying, "Traders do not like uncertainty in the market". Basically they do not like unexpected surprises. Because of this traite, I think it is very wise to allow them to take control of the software and choose when they should switch a feature on. That is just my two cents which I figure will benefit the MC team if they follow this way of thinking.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  John Bowles (bowlesj3)
Nov 01, 2012 - 07:18

I just noticed something but I still do not know how to reproduce this. My cursor reverted back to cross pointer. I decided to check this (since I do not always notice it for a while) because I noticed that the control tool box buttons for expanding the chart had become stick and a lot of the functions to move the chart were locked. Eventually I managed to clear it but I am not sure. I just kept clicking the control buttons until one of them freed things up. So there seems to be some sort of relctionship but I can not figure out how to set it in motion.

user-offline.png  John Bowles (bowlesj3)
Nov 16, 2012 - 05:10

I found the method to reproduce this bug. See above.

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