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Open Bug report MC-1209

Saved Opt Results Silently Destroyed (on Disk too!)

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Previously saved optimization results are silently destroyed, both in current chart and in the saved-on-disk workspace. This should never happen.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Run an optimization and then save the workspace to disk with the opt results.

Later, the open that workspace (opt results still there, good), then goe thru Format Signal ... -> Optimize -> Exhautive to reach the Exhaustive Search Properties. At this point the examine the setup, perhaps takes a screenshot, whatever, then click on Cancel, then Close.

No new optimization has been performed (or was intended to be performed). Nevertheless,the previous optimization results are silently destroyed. This is terrible, and should never happen.

Even worse -

Now attempt to escape this unintended situation, by closing the workspace (F4) without saving it. Amazingly, the copy on disk is altered and no longer has the opt results in it. They have been lost forever.

This is horrible, and defeats a primary purpose of saving opt results (and workspaces) in the first place.

A workspace saved on disk should NEVER be altered unless the user CHOOSES to save over it.

Please correct both the silent destruction of the saved opt results in the open workspace (when no new opt has been performed to write over them), and the silent alteration of the workspace file-on-disk when the user has not chosen to save the open workspace over them.

Thank you.

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