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Open Feature request MC-1295

PL Parameter [PrintFilesRetainedOnAbort]

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It would be very useful if there was a parameter that could be put at the top of a script such as [PrintFilesRetainedOnAbort]. It would mean that if the program aborts and turns off, the print files would still be there for debugging. Currently we can do this with the FileAppend. Unfortunately FileAppend requires all those numtostr commands for numeric fields. This makes the fileappend command a lot more work to use. With this new parameter the print files would be cleared on restart of the study for each new day or on restart after an abort so that those print files did not get too large. With fileappend we have to remember to put a filedelete command in the currentbar=1 location so that those fileappend files do not get too large.
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It woud be even more useful if there was a global paramter in MC itself that applied this parameter to all print files by default. If there was I would have it turned on and I would be okay with it being turned on as default in a coming release (going against my belief that all defaults should be set to the prior behavior). I can't see any problem with this since the print files just stick around overnight until the next startup of MC for the coming trading day. That way they are only cleared on startup and if there is an abort or some after hours debugging we decide to do we always have the print files there waiting. However by having that global parameter at least there would be a way to turn it off if for some unforseen reason a user wanted them cleared after the trading day is over rather than the next day on startup. I can only see a user wanting to do this if they are very short on disk space and to busy to get a disk size upgrade.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Abort a script and you will find the print files are not available.

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