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Open Feature request MC-1319

Adding a security-checkbox before disabling automated trading

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There is a chart with a trading-system (based on ELA-code). To trade this system automatically in the left upper corner the system will be enabled and the color changes from grey to green.
The problem now is there is no protection against wrong mouse-clicks. When you accidently click on this green enabling-button but did not want to do this you interfere to the system: You cannot escape out of this closing-mode.
You can
- leave this window open but cannot make it small
- delete your pending order and close your position
But you can not
- Press a cancel-button to trade your system according to your programmed rules.


When the window pops up "Do you want to delete Limitorder and Stoporder?" then add a button to cancel this mode to go back to automated trading.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Simply use automated trading. You want to follow your system-rules but by accident you clicked on the green field. You don't have any chance to say cancel to proceed with your automated trading with this particular system (withour changing orders or positions).

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    Example where to add a cancel or return-2-strategy-button should be added uploaded Jul 01, 2013 by Maurer (Maurer)
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