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Open Feature request MC-1516

Change ASCII Mapping Parser to adjust based on resolution

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In attempting to map a large number of ASCII files I noticed that I was able to batch modify the "Category" & "Exchange" fields with a simple copy and paste command. But in attempting to batch change the "Resolution" field in a similar way I received an error that prevented such an adjustment.
I can however get the change to take place if I open each symbol individually and adjust the resolution to "Tick" manually. After discussing this issue with support they feel the reason is my data includes Open,High,Low & Close fields (with identical values since it is tick data) and the parser doesn't know to adjust to just look for one field.
All I am requesting is that the ASCII mapping parser be improved so that it knows it only needs to look for one field in a tick resolution when changed from the batch window.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Attempt to modify resolution from the ASCII Mapping windows without opening and changing each file manually.

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