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Open Feature request MC-1800

Problem with Session end classification

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Whether one uses the default sessions or 24/7 session, or I suspoect any session, we are always forced to select 'session end' times for each day. For markets like FOREX and even many futures now, that trade almost around the clock, the concept of session ending times loses much of its meaning.
But the real problem is when it comes to plotting tick, range or volume bars. 
Imagine a scenario when your plotting a 2000 tick chart. The day is about to end, and it completes a 200 tick bar and plots it, then right afte the enext tick comes thorugh, the session end is reached. So it plots a bar with jusrt 1 tick. Clearly this is absurd. And for those of us who wish to plot a market 24/7, where we know every bar is 2000 ticks, even if it spans more than a day or over a weekend say, we ar left with a situation where all our indicators are innacurate. 
This can be corrected by allowing us the option to NOT tick the session end box when using any particular session classification. I'm sure this would be dead easy to correct.

Steps to reproduce this issue

To see this for yourself, plot a 2000 tick chart on one of the currencies. You will notice every so often a tiny bar (sometimes so tiny you won't even see it) that is very close to another bar, instead of being evenly spaced. 
I would much appreciate it this glaring error/anomaly could be corrected or at least allow the end user to have th echoice to leave 'session end' unchecked. 
Thank you.

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