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Open Feature request MC-1814

Charting Linking and Workspaces

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I came across a MAJOR coding design flaw this week. It seems that when charts in different worksapces are linked and using the same colour, they all change when a new symbol is typed in. This is NOT what happens in Tradestation for example, and for good reason. People create different workspaces for a reason, and that reaosn is that we want to keep them separate from other workspaces. DUH! One might suggest why not just use a different colour? Well, that comment would refelct an enormous amount of ignorance. 
I have workspaces with many charts where each chart has many different hidden time frames. To change the color link requires me to unhide each and every datastream, select a colour for each, then hide them again, across every chart. To suggest this is tedious and stupid would be an understatement. It also means the number of separate workspaces I can have is limited by the small number of colour choices availabe. Another seriously bad flaw. 
So I would ask the devlopers, as a matter of URGENCY, to alter the linking so it only affects all linked datastreams WITHIN a workspace. After the change, it will be dead easy for someone to go to a different workspace and type in a new symbol, but to do that in a situation where your workspace contain a large number of linked charts and timeframes, is agonising to say the least. 
I hope you can understand and appreciate the depth of this coding design flaw and can correc tit quickly please.

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