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Open Feature request MC-1826

Feature Request: Multiple Column Sort in QuoteManager

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It would be very helpful to be able to do a multiple column sort in QM.
Currently we can sort on a single column, but then if we sort on a different column the sense of the first sort is not maintained.
For example, I would like to sort all my futures symbols in order, then sort on Data Source and have the result be a table with all the symbols in order per Data Source.
In some cases sorting on even more than 2 columns would be desirable.
At various times I've wanted almost every column to be the 'first' sort, with some other column(s) as the sub-sort(s).
This would be tremendously helpful for managing the growing library of symbol definitions across multiple data providers.

Steps to reproduce this issue

You can confirm that the sense of an initial sort is currently not maintained inside a subsequent sort simply by trying it.
Probably maintaining the sense of 3 sorts at once would be sufficient, but if it's not seriously harder to implement, allowing even more would be ideal.
Sort management could be via clicks on column headings (with some provision to clear an existing sort), or else via a simple sort definition dialog box.

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