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Open Bug report MC-1830

Portfolio Trader fails to re-connect to IB

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If IB goes down, Portfolio Trader fails to re-connect properly after IB becomes available again.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  • launch IB Gateway
  • launch Portfolio Trader
  • enable auto-trading
  • wait for IB to go down, e.g. during scheduled system maintenance
  • wait for IB to become available again, e.g. after scheduled maintenance
    => Portfolio Trader reports an error in the log and auto-trading will no longer work, even though it still shows enabled.

Exiting and re-starting Portfolio Trader will fix this issue.

Exiting and re-starting IB Gateway does not fix this issue.

System information:
* IB Gateway 948.2b
* Portfolio Trader 9.0.10360.400
* data connection through MB Trading

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
28 de jul de 2017 - 17:12
Order and Position Tracker information that you attached will not help in this case, unfortunately.

We have tested it on our end following the provided steps, but it was not reproduced. In case the issue is still reproduced, please send us the Log files, collected via Feedback application: https://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php/MultiCharts_Logs#How_to_Send_Log_Files_Using_Feedback_Application

Specify the time when IB was closed and when it was opened and how do you see that AT is not working exactly?
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