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Open Feature request MC-1992

COMBINED Price/Volume/Range Bar Type

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currently there exists bar types based on "time", "volume", "price range"
it would be very beneficial to have a bar type that combined all 3:
user would be able to enter 3 values:

seconds/minutes/hours (time)

contracts (volume)

price movement (range)

a new bar would be created when any of the 3 conditions were satisifed.
at the start of a new bar, all 3 counters would reset to zero.

Steps to reproduce this issue

the value of volume and range bars compared to time based bars is well known.
range bars fall short when the market is in 'conflict' and a large
volume is transacting wihtin a narrow range - a range bar chart would
only show one bar and miss what a volume bar chart is showing - that a
huge line in the sand is being drawn.
however, sometimes (primarly
outside main trading hours - but happens regularly with U.S. futures
during the European hours) the futures price will move quite a bit but
because volume is low, only a few bars will be drawn.
when 'not
enough' bars are drawn, the action on the charts can get 'out of phase'
with the indicators.  but if time/volume/range were all triggers, it
would keep the chart "in tune".
i know there are others who have
requested a programatic solution to creating their own bars, and this
may be a good idea but very difficult to offer.
but my idea would be
much more straight forward for the great programmers at Multicharts to
implement and i thnk it would offer HUGE added value.

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