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Open Bug report MC-2131

Day and GTC TIF selection in fill assumptions is incorrect

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The "DAY" fill assumption in MC10 is correct for all fills.
The "GTC" assumption is wrong and redundant.
Please remove this TIF option from the backtesting options and default behaviour to "DAY".
The INTRADAY changes to fill assumptions are all correct, which is great. But fills when the open of a new session gaps through a limit order are now only correct when "DAY" is selected.
There shouldn't be an option for TIF on fill assumptions as its effect on fills is beyond the scope of MCs backtesting engine (theoretically, GTCs will slightly increase fill priority in correlation with order book prevalence).
As it currently stands the GTC assumption will potentially cause large outlier losses (that are incorrect) on certain strategies. As it is the default fill assumption in porftolio trader, it has rendered it completely unreliable.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Please see attached the incorrect behaviour. If we have a buy limt order @49. Then market closes at 50. Then opens (new session) and 48. The fill is ALWAYS at 48. Never at 49.

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Nov 08, 2016 - 01:59

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