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Closed Bug report MC-2162

Bid and Ask price frozen after inserting "_ChartToolBar_Trading_" Signal, if connecting to Paper Trader broker

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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Released" and resolution "Not determined".

Bid and Ask price are frozen in Chart Trader panel after inserting "ChartToolBar_Trading" Signal, if connecting to Paper Trader broker. Please see attached picture 1.

This problem also affects "buy bid" Keyboard Shortcut. if I set up a keyboard shortcut to "buy bid" it will submit a limit buy at the same wrong price as shown on the chart trader button. So this problem is real. see picture 2.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. set up a Paper Trader broker profile, with the name like "A Paper Trader", so that it is ranked the first in the list of broker profiles. This is because the "ChartToolBar_Trading" Signal always uses the first broker profile in the list, it seems.

  2. turn on chart trader panel, connect to "A Paper Trader" broker profile

  3. insert the "ChartToolBar_Trading" Signal as is

  4. you will see the bid and ask prices will not move after the signal is inserted.

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