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Open Feature request MC-2172

DOM Auto Position Sizing using Stop

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I personally use Bracket Orders on the DOM to manually trade using the R Multiple position sizing system, which I believe is pretty common and well known whether trading manually or system's based...

ie. you want to risk 1% of your account per trade, thus $100k account, Product = ES, so if using a 2pt Stop, your contract size for that trade would = 10 lot...$1000 risk (1%) = 10 contract * $50 per point * 2 point Stop....obviously the size changes based on how much you're risking of your account in terms of percentage 1% v 1.5% etc and the Stop size per trade.

Could you add a way that the user could, in addition to the existing way of manually selecting how many contracts to trade in the DOM, have an option of % risk of account and Stop size?....

ex. User checks box to use the % based sizing option and selects 1% from menu (user has already specified an account size within MC of $100,000) then any pre-existing Bracket or Stop saved as an Entry attached order would automatically size the specified 1% or whatever is selected....BUT in addition **if the user scrolls the pre-set Stop of the Bracket order up or down PRIOR to being filled.....the DOM auto-adjusts contract size to remain at or below the % risk selected.

What happens to me and I'm sure a lot of people, is that in the heat of trading....its hard to keep checking what size should be used, I end up cancelling/replacing because or changing the order to use a smaller/bigger Stop either before or after placing the order.....markets can move very fast as everyone knows, if this was done by Auto adjustement, it would benefit a lot of people IMO.

There's also no other DOM on the market that I'm aware of that has this feature. Once a prospective user see's is, a lot might understand how valuable it is.

Future versions could Autosize the Targets based on the R value too, so if the user selects the current exit's based on position size, it could be first 25% at the 1R value, next 25% at the 2R value, next 25% at the 3R value etc..


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