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Open Feature request MC-2266

QuoteManager: Allow to exclude TEST symbols from TradeStation

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IN MultiCharts .NET64 QuoteManager > Instrument > Add Symbol > From Data Source > TradeStation... > Stock tab it would be immensely helpful if there was a checkbox that noted:
Exclude TEST symbols.

When adding symbols, there is no way to sort against TEST symbols to avoid them. This is due the symbol syntax. For example:
Description: ECCC
Exchange: AMEX

Hence, the exclusion could look for symbols that end in:

and not present them at all in the selection list.

This will avoid overly tedious manual removal of test symbols both during the symbol addition process, and after symbols have been added. Also, this will improve customer satisfaction with MultiCharts.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  penalvch (penalvch)
Jun 22, 2017 - 20:31

Please also include those symbols that don't have .TEST in the Symbol field, but are test symbols.

For example:
Symbol: CBO
Description: CBO (Test Symbol)
Exchange: AMEX

Symbol: ZTEST
Description: ZTEST
Exchange: ARCX

Symbol: NTEST
Description: NTEST TEST Symbol
Exchange: NYSE

Symbol: NTEST.E
Description: NTEST.E
Exchange: NYSE

Symbol: SQZST
Description: Nasdaq Test Security
Exchange: NASDAQ

Symbol: SDZST
Description: SuperMontage Test
Exchange: NASDAQ

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