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Closed Feature request MC-2269

QuoteManager: Allow using regular expressions in Symbol box for TradeStation

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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Declined" and resolution "Not determined".

IN MultiCharts .NET64 QuoteManager > Instrument > Add Symbol > From Data Source > TradeStation... > Stock tab it would be immensely helpful if traders may use regular expressions to search for symbols. This has nothing to do with the TradeStation API if the functionality is implemented locally (i.e. prior to clicking Lookup). Once the button Lookup is pressed, the query is sent in a batch way abstracted from the trader, with the results being added monotonically to the list as each query is completed.

For example, If one is looking for all symbols that start with an alphabetic character, one could type:

Presently, there is no such option.

Instead, traders who want to import all stock symbols for Country: United States that start with an alphabetic character, they have to type one character of the alphabet at a time, click Lookup, highlight all the symbols, Add, and repeat sequentially through the alphabet.

The present implementation is onerous to traders in a number of ways:
1) Each query of one alphabetic character will likely overlap with the query of another. Hence, it wastes trader time having to babysit overlapping symbol population, as each query can take minutes at a time.
2) The user has to babysit the addition of symbols, as each query has various degrees of unnecessary overlap. This also can take minutes to occur on each click of the button Add.

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jun 23, 2017 - 13:06
This is TS API limitation and such functionality cannot be implemented. You can import symbol list, if you need to add specific instruments from a data feed, not supporting lookup option for all the available instruments.
user-offline.png  penalvch (penalvch)
icon_reply.pngJun 23, 21:03, in reply to comment #1
Alex MultiCharts wrote: >This is TS API limitation and such functionality cannot be implemented."

While I am painfully aware of the limited nature of the TS API, the functionality requested could be implemented technically speaking, as it doesn't do anything new with the TS API. It makes all the same TS API calls, but abstracts the manual drudgery of MC's present implementation (i.e. an enhancement on MC making calls programmatically to the TS API). I want to make sure this is clear, as the way you are characterizing the situation (i.e. the TS API is limited) isn't addressing the request accurately.

> You can import symbol list, if you need to add specific instruments from a data feed,

As mentioned in the Description, the specific instruments I want to add is all stocks.

not supporting lookup option for all the available instruments.

I'm not sure what this means. Could you please clarify?

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jun 26, 2017 - 11:11
  1. What you request is currently not possible to implement.
  2. Specific instruments means that it is up to you to select the instruments you need. If you need stocks, you can import stocks. How it should be done, can be read on our Wiki section.
  3. Lookup option in this case = to receive the list of all the available instruments of the selected type and/or somehow filter or sort them.
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