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Open Bug report MC-2273

bracket order, when choose "Auto attach as exit strategy" is not placed at where it shows when multiple position

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Please see below use case:
trading ES.
1) set bracket order parameters at profit target 12 ticks; Stop loss as 8 ticks; turn on "Auto attach as exist strategy"
2) enter buy 1 contract at 2,429.00
3) cancel the bracket order automatically placed because I do not need it.
But notice that the 1st buy position is still there, avg position price at 2,429.00
4) place limit order 2,426.75.
At this time the chart shows a transparent bracket order, target at 2429.75 and stop loss at 2424.75 (remember this number!!!)
5) the limit order was hit at 2,426.75, and avg position price is 2,427.875.
then the bug is here: the auto attached bracket order's stop loss is placed at 2427.00, and was filled at 2426.50.

I believe the calculation logic of auto attached bracket order is not tested for multiple positions. Please fix.

Steps to reproduce this issue

detailed steps in description.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Jul 03, 2017 - 19:30
It is expected when you have "First to Position, then to Orders" or "All to Orders" modes selected in Preferences -> Trading tab. Please learn how these modes are working: https://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php/Preferences#Manual_Exit_Strategies_Modes
Note, that if you change the mode, it will be applied only after complete MultiCharts and all the processes restart.
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