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Open Feature request MC-2284

Prevent user fixed data from being clobbered by the reload data function.

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I just updated some bad data in the quote manager. I redisplayed the chart and it was fixed. So then I pressed ctrl+r to reload the data and it reloaded the bad data in from interactive brokers . It also clobbered my fix. That creates a problem since the user will not remember (what bars they fixed or even what stocks they fixed) and if they do a reload all their work will be lost. This could happen potentially over and over since some stocks seem to get a lot of errors.

I think there are two options for implementing this. One is hard and one is easier. I think the easier one is actually better for the user and certainly a lot better for for the MC team.

Put a flag on the data file on each data record to indicate that the user fixed this data and the reload process needs to check this flag and not update that data if the user did a fix.
The users would need to run a conversion program to convert their files. I can envision problems. It would also add space to the database.

Have a new file that stores the date of the last fix for each symbol. When the user asks for a reload it only reloads the data up to that fix point. You might want to have a popup to inform them of this. Maybe it could also have a popup telling them they fixed some data on this symbol and ask they if they want to keep their fixes or reload the whole file and clobber them.

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user-offline.png  bowlesj3 (bowlesj3bt)
Jul 24, 2017 - 19:44

For now I am creating my own paper record of data I have fixed and training myself to first check my list to see if I have done this and if I should limit the amount of the reload.

So if the easier method ever was implemented you would need to store the highest date/time changed on the file (incrementing it if needed).

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