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Open Bug report MC-2294

Universal DDE does not process received items and update notification properly

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  1. Excel cell is updated, but Univeral DDE does not process update notification to the end.

  2. Universal DDE received items, but it does not store the items into Quote Manager to the end.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Setup a DDE symbol in the quote manager.

  2. Put the attached excel files at c:\

  3. run the attached program.

  4. click Start Excel button of the attached program

  5. Connect DDE symbol

  6. Click WritePrice button of the program.

  7. wait until Quote Manager DDE symbol showabout 50,000 received

  8. Click Stop Price button of the program

  9. Compare the program's console output, Quote Manager's number of received, the ticks in Quote Manager's Edit Data.

For my test the result was:

Console output: last value: Trade: 17589, 17589, Bid: 17589, 17589, Ask: 17589, 17589
Quote Manager shows 52524 received.
Quote Manager Edit Data shows: Trade: 17390, Bid: 17390, Ask: 17389

52524 / 3 = 17508
17508 is the number of ticks for Trade, Bid, Ask
Edit Data is less than this number.
It did not process even received data to the end.

Excel's last value is 17589
Quote Manager show it process 52524, ie 17508 ticks for each Trade, Bid, Ask
This received value is less than 17589 which excel shuld have notified change to Universal DDE.
It did not processed received update notification to the end.

Comments (9)
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:44
A file was uploaded. excel_dde.zipicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:45
A file was uploaded. Quote Manager Received.pngicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:47
A file was uploaded. Trade.pngicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:48
A file was uploaded. Bid.pngicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:48
A file was uploaded. Ask.pngicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:49
A file was uploaded. DDE_Symbol_1.xlsxicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 05:50
A file was uploaded. DDE_Symbol_2.xlsxicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Jul 29, 2017 - 06:27

I forgot version info.

Version: MultiCharts .NET64 Version 11.0 Beta 1 (Build 14517)
OS: windows server 2012 R2 korean x64

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 03, 2017 - 08:37
The missing ticks are stored in cache (by default in RAM for 64-bit version and in Cache folder for 32-bit version) and will be moved and saved in the database after complete MultiCharts restart.
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