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Closed Feature request MC-2318

Indicator Status OFF still leaves a blank space

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icon_info.png This issue has been closed with status "Declined" and resolution "Not determined".
Not sure of the original reason why you guys decided to leave a blank indicator space when switching the status to off?

But when doing research and testing ideas, it is quite common we might want to switch some indicators on or off at any one point in time.

It gives the user more screen space to see what is going on. I honestly can't think of a single reason why I would want to turn an indicator off, but still have it take up space on my screen with a blank sub-chart.

So, my request is that this issue be corrected in line with how Tradestation does it.

A Right Mouse Click gives us an option to quickly enable/disable any of the indicators plotted on the chart (this includes subcharts and on the price itself).

When we disable an indicator it disappears from the screen entirely (leaving no blank sub-charts), but still resides in memory and on the indicator list (so we don't have to keep adding it back in).

The above is extremely efficient, and saves a LOT of time wasting where we currently have to delete an indicator and add it back, along with changes to any input values we might have been using.
Comments (4)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Sep 06, 2017 - 21:20
That is currently not possible to implement this, as when you make the Status Off, you will have the button to switch easily it on, if the sub-chart is hidden when the status is off, it will be a much more complicated process to switch it on. This is how it works by design and we are not planning to change that in future.
user-offline.png  AdrianP (AdrianP)
icon_reply.pngSep 06, 21:52, in reply to comment #1

Hi Alex,

Not sure who it is who doesn't understand. Basis your comments, you seem to be completely misunderstanding my request. I will describe again how things work perfectly in Tradestation. Has been there for years, and is light years ahead of what MC has currently.

1. TS has a RMC menu option to enable/disable each indicator individually. 2. When you select disable, it turns the indicator off, but leaves it still defined in the workspace. 3. If there is more than one indicator on the chart, or in a sub-chart, then it will merely make that indicator invisible. 4. And I am also presuming that it no longer gets calculated while disabled. 5. If there is only one indicator in a sub-chart, then it will not only switch that indicator off, it will cause the whole sub-chart space to vanish, as there is absolutely no reason for it to exist at that point in time. 6. I can enable any indicator again by simply RMC and selecting it from the menu choice, then the sub-chart will reappear along with the indicator. 7. Understand this is COMPLETELY different to hiding an indicator. If it is hidden, I also assume it means all the values will still be calculated.

Therefore, Enabling/Disabling is basically the same as Status On/Off in MC. But MC does not erase the sub-chart when there is only one indicator in a particular sub-chart.

Perhaps you can help me understand and explain why you specifically changed the code (apparently) so that when I no longer want to see a particular indicator on my chart, you decide to leave a big empty sub-chart space? Imagine for a moment I have a price chart along with multiple sub-charts all containing a single indicator in each. The price chart therefore barely occupies 10-20% of the screen. Now, I would like to keep my indicators (perhaps for research purposes so I can quickly turn different ones on and off), but I now want to just look at 2 of them, so price will now occupy roughly 33% of the screen. Of course I can change the sizing of each window. But when I select Status OFF for all the other indicators, it just leaves a pile of empty sub-chart windows. And the price chart still occupies 10-20% of the screen. Yes, I could waste more of my time, resizing everything. What a serious waste of time that would be. not to mention making an extremely messy workspace.

PLEASE explain why you felt it was important to leave all the empty sub-charts on the workspace, thereby maximising the inefficiency of of the whole process.

I have attached a screenshot just to make sure we are on the same page. It contains a price chart with multiple plots of the RSI. I turned each of the indicators to STATUS OFF. I assume this layout was your intention? So that end users would have no space to see the price chart properly, or to force them to constantly resize the sub-charts, or constantly delete each indicator then add it back when wanted etc. There are so many others aspects of MC unfortunately which are like this, and I have mentioned a few of them in my other feature requests. One of the massive benefits of great coding and well designed applications is the massive time they can save an end user.

I hope my explanation has made clearer the issue I have raised. I honestly cannot think of a single reason why any user would want to deal with all these blank spaces?
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Sep 06, 2017 - 22:00
Thank you for the explanation, but it is not planned for the future and not included into the roadmap by our management.
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Sep 08, 2017 - 20:28
If necessary, you can hide the empty sub-charts, right click on the chart -> Format Indicators -> double click on the indicator -> Properties tab -> select Hide in the SubChart section.
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