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Open Feature request MC-2321

Faster/Easier way to hide/unhide indicators (both active/inactive)

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Hi guys, at the thread below
a discussion broke out and I studied it. I think your idea (whoever's idea) of keeping the indicator subchart there when an indicator aborts is great. It is so easy to turn it back on when the user fixes the code that caused the abort (or whatever may have caused the abort). Okay the improvement is below.

Sometimes users want to turn off an indicator for a specific chart and hide it too but not loose their inputs settings. They might be trying a new idea and be thinking that it might not work out so they figure they want to keep that original indicator tucked away off and hidden just in case they want to come back to using it again. So I think this is the simplest approach for you to program. In the "Format Objects dialog box with the indicators or signals listed" simply put a (hide/unhide) toggle button directly below the (status) toggle button. So if they want to turn it off they click the status and if they also want to hide it for possibly coming back to it they click the hide button to toggle it to hidden as well. Now if they want to bring it back they click the (hide/unhide) toggle button and it should default to dropping the indicator at the bottom saving you a lot of programming work and the user a lot of work too. So you might want to give a popup at this point telling them they can drag it back up into the place they want it (a popup that they can shut off of course). There is a good reason for this simpler approach. It is that they could have dozens of these hidden turned off indicators kicking around and this is their storage place for them and thus you have no idea where they might want to put the indicator/signal when they turn it back on. What I am saying is do not try and guess where they want it (too much work). Just dump it at the bottom. One last thought. I am not even sure myself if (when an indicator is hidden) if the status is off or on. I have always assumed it is turned off but then again I rarely hide an indicator (maybe have never done it). If hiding an indicator means it could still be running then I think it would be good to give a warning if they hide an indicator and leave it turned on. It might even be critical at that point to ask them if they really want to leave it running.

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