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Open Feature request MC-2368

Additional preferences under currency conversion server tab

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Hi guys

Please introduce a way to configure the currency conversion server used on the preferences tab for "Currency Conversion Server" to point to a local defined data source. Currently there's only a number of servers on the GUI and I'm still running into issues with the default/MCFX server disconnecting from time to time. I've found this post on the discussion board related to this to reconfigure the default server, I have not tried it yet, while it's a good workaround it would be a nice feature to have this flexibility for all users to take the load off your servers:

  • Close MultiCharts and all its applications.
  • Make sure that all the processes are over.
  • Run Registry on your machine.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TS Support*MultiCharts that you’re using*\CurrencyConverter\SymbolsMCFX_2
  • You will notice the folders named “Item_0”, “Item_1”, “Item_2”, “Item_3”, etc. Each folder determines a Forex pair. Open the very top folder and go to Second folder.
  • There are three key values that you need to change: DataFeed, Exchange, SymbolName.
  • Double click DataFeed and change PrivateMCFX to the corresponding name of the data source. Here is the list of the data sources the spelling and spaces are important: AvaTrade, Barchart.com, eSignal, Dukascopy, FXCM, GAIN Capital, Interactive Brokers, IQFeed, IWBank QuickTrade, LMAX, MB Trading, OANDA, TS.
  • Double click Exchange and change it if needed to the exchange that is used by the data feed and where the symbol is trading.
  • Change the SymbolName format if necessary. Ex., EUR.USD, EUR/USD.
  • Repeat the procedure for all the symbols that you’re using.

Thank you in advance for considering this.

Kind regards
Ettienne Hugo

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