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Open Bug report MC-239

DDE data feed won't reconnect after DDE server restart

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DDE data feed only works when the DDE server is started before Quotemanager. When the user has to restart the DDE server the user has to restart quotemanager as well which brings down all the charts with it. This is a big problem for users who uses multiple datafeeds at the same time because a single problem with a DDE feed would need the user to bring down all the charts connected to other data feeds that are working fine.
There are many instance where the user would need to restart DDE server in real-time. For example most data vendors have multiple redundant data servers and when one is down the user can re-connect to another server by restarting the data software (and thus restarting the DDE server).
Unable to reconnect to DDE data link renders Multichart highly unstable in real-time usage when using DDE as data feed because frequent restart of the whole application is needed.

Steps to reproduce this issue

1 - Use DDEPlayback.exe from TSSupport as DDE server
2 - Create a symbol in DDEPlayback with any tick data file
3 - Connect to that symbol using Universal DDE as symbol source under Multichart
4 - Charts should updates fine
5 - Close DDEPlayback.exe
6 - Restart DDEPlayback.exe and play the same symbol
7 - Charts won't update anymore
8 - Same case for any DDE server
9 - Andrew knows about this problem as we spent time on live chat trying to work around this 
10 - RTSoft Metaserver DDE has no problem reconnecting to DDE server and works perfectly. Maybe TSSupport could study their implementation.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  Black Wood (Id2)
Apr 12, 2011 - 23:05

I'm using Quotecenter DDE datafeed with MC 7.0 Beta1 and I can confirm that DDE data still won't reconnect after DDE server restart.
It's probably server specific and in this case it doesn't work. Please let me know if you need me to do a remote connection to demonstrate the problem with Quotecenter.

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