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Open Feature request MC-2398

Adding support for synchronization (order of execution) of different studies to Multicharts

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MC doesn't support for synchronization (order of execution) of different studies.
For instance, if we have 2 studies applied to 2 charts of a chart window, and 2 of
these charts have just closed their bars on the same time, then we have no means
to instruct MC which of the 2 studies should be executed first.
This too important to have if we have data dependencies between the 2 studies,
yet one study may need to receive results of calculations by a global variable before
it does its calculations each time.
I suggest to consider adding priority/order of execution between studies
(indicators) that appear in a list of chart window, i.e. the order of studies in the
Format>Indicators window is the order/priority of execution of indicators
regardless of the chart each indicator is applied to. The order of execution is
preserved unless a triggering condition is not valid on that chart (a bar is not
closed,...). This would allow the users to build more sophisticated strategies in

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  janus (janus)
Feb 21, 2018 - 05:44

I would like a similar feature to be added to this request. When MC is started have the option to delay the start of a study until one or more other studies are completed to the last bar on their respective charts. This can't be achieved by some new keyword because there is no guarantee that study will be executed prior to the one that has to wait. So it needs to be configured in the Properties section of the study that is required to wait for others to complete.

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