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Open Feature request MC-2417

Data Playback Enhancement: Loading options to enhance speed

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When MultiCharts initially loads data to playback, it obviously must load all of the data on the chart, so there is a delay dependent on the amount of data. After that, jumping around is extremely fast (almost instant) because the data is already loaded. If data playback is ended, and a new bar prints, then all of the data must be reloaded. I propose the following ideas:

1) Have some kind of option (or a permanent change) that remembers previously loaded data when data playback is exited, so that only the additional bars since the last load need to be loaded. This way, intraday traders that use data playback regularly can load data playback much faster.

2) Have some kind of option that "pre-loads" data upon the close of a new bar. This way, intraday traders can replay recently closed bars very quickly.

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