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Open Feature request MC-2419

Some futures contracts are quoted in cents, not dollars, and this messes up back testing calculations.

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There are a few contracts that are quoted in cents, for example a price of $1.38 (one dollar and 38 cents) is quoted as 138.0 (or 138 cents). MC sees this as a quote in dollars, and thus any calculations are incorrect. A somewhat easy hack/fix for this is to just reduce the big point value for the contract by 100x. While I believe this solves the problems with backtesting calcs, I bet it might cause problems I have not yet thought of. I am requesting that a check box be provided in quote manager's edit symbol that could be selected when prices are quoted in cents.

Example Contracts:
SB - Sugar - ICE
CT - Cotton - ICE
HG - Copper - NYMEX
SI - Silver - NYMEX
And the list goes on, but these are probably some more of the popular ones.

Thank you.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  sbortolato (sbortolato)
Mai 16, 2018 - 00:16

I personally think that reducing the big point value would cause no damage. In fact, different data feeds provide prices of the same security with different precision, and you should adjust yourself with the big point value.

What I think is important, is to add a "price multiplier" on the symbol mapping, so that you can trade on securities whose prices are provided in cents from your favourite data feed, whilst being quoted in dollars at your favourite broker (just a broad example). Please, see this feature request:

The issue is quite diffused and it seems not such a big deal to add this feature.

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